Why must only the children of the poor go after low jobs: Nawin Kiran

Why must only the children of the poor go after low jobs: Nawin Kiran

Gangtok, June 25: Nawin Kiran, Advocate, Social Activist and the Vice Convener of Sikkim Subject Committee on June 24, through a video conference, addressed the issue of the porter recruitment drive by the Indian Army and the rising ratio of unemployment in the State.

Kiran informed that up to 2000 youths of Sikkim applied for the post of porters\labour works for a period of 179 days in the Indian Army. There are up to 600 vacancies for this post for a contract period of around 6 months with a salary of Rs. 21,000 with the interviews and selection process being conducted on June 17, June 22 and June 24.

On the recruitment drive for the post, Kiran says that while no job is small or big and that the country needs its citizens to do their duty with border tensions rising. He asks why were there no candidates who belong from financially sound families or those with a good family background in the recruitment drive for porters? And why only the poor apply for such posts and put in a situation where they have to go door to door looking for a job?

Through the conference, Kiran also reminded that how in the past, with the SDF Government they had submitted memorandums calling for a fair and transparent selection and recruitment process in Government posts and has said that this has been a constant appeal made by him during the years, in which he hasn’t succeeded.

Asking the old age question- Why must only the poor go for jobs which require hard labour while those who come from good families succeed through nepotism, even in Government jobs and recruitments?

He stated, “With each shift in Government, there is always a hurry to place the children of party supporters and others in Government jobs without the candidate even sitting through an examination. The Indian Constitutions’ Article 16 demands for Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment”.

“In 2006 with the State of Karnataka Vs. Umadevi & Ors, it was stated that regardless of the post being Adhoc or regular and the contract period everyone should get equal opportunities with advertisements being placed, this hasn’t been followed in Sikkim.”

Further, Kiran quoted examples of equal opportunity not being given to all individuals, with the case of Rajendra Dhakal and his son Tek Nath Dhakal, who recently got placement as the Assistant Scientific Officer by the Department of Personnel, on the recommendation of the Chief Minister P.S. Tamang, after austerity measures were already applied in the state which has stated that the state government had decided to impose a ban on appointments under regular/work-charged/muster roll/adhoc/consolidated pay/ temporary basis for six months, by a press release issued by IPR Department.

Kiran has asked, “Why isn’t there such strong recommendations form the Chief Minister’s Office, for the children of the poor like there is for the children of the rich? Why wasn’t there any advertisement placed for the above-stated post?”

Kiran also criticized the SDF Party’s manifesto which had promised Government jobs for all the unemployed youths of Sikkim within 100 days of the Government forming as well as financial aid of Rs. 10,000 per month for the unemployed. He also criticized the several extension orders given to senior officials when there are thousands who are unemployed and waiting for their chance.

Kiran has said that incidents such as these is ‘snatching away the opportunities from the deserving ones. He has assured that he won’t stop the fight against those who have illegally gotten jobs and career opportunities while also appealing to the general public to not stay silent and asleep anymore and to fight for those who are most effected by such incidents, to stand together and speak up.

He also condemned the opposition part i.e. the SDF party for not speaking up on such matters when their duty is to conduct checks and balances on the State government.