#vocalforlocal Local Entrepreneur to produce Local LED bulbs

#vocalforlocal Local Entrepreneur to produce Local LED bulbs

With the launch of the Make in India campaign by the ministry of commerce and industry-government of India in the year 2014 many youths have taken the opportunity around the nation likewise in regard to Sikkim, a 38-year-old local entrepreneur Bhawani Gurung from Ravangla South Sikkim has started manufacturing his own LED bulbs and named the brand as Batti, which recently received ISO 9001 certification tag and is ready to hit the market with the local product

Bawani Gurung speaking about his journey said “ It has been a year now since I have first started Batti, and due to lockdown In between, we had to face a lot of difficulties to produce it in the market, although we had put up a trial version in the market there was some unknown technical problems and defaults were found and due to which we keep our project on hold for many months and tried to fix the problems and soon after fixing the technical problems we launched the local led blub brand Batti during Temi festival at Temi south Sikkim in presence of the Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang”

“After launching of Batti we had applied for ISO approval, it took months to get approval from the ISO since we had little knowledge about the process to get approval so we had a tie-up with various agencies to get approval, but fortunately on April 6, 2021, we were certified by ISO and received ISO 9001 TAG, and soon after all the preparation we will produce Batti LED bulbs with ISO 9001 Tag” Gurung added

“We have resources to produce LED bulbs starting from 3 Watts, 5 Watts till 100 Watts LED bulbs, but for now we are planning to produce LED bulbs till 40 watts.”

Speaking about the price range of the bulbs he said, “ The pricing of the bulbs won’t be expensive keeping in mind all the factors manufacturing the bulbs, for instance, labor charge making the bulb, finding the distributors and retailers due to which the pricing of the bulbs will be same as the other LED bulbs in the market

Stating about what inspired him he stated, “It’s a known fact that electricity is one of the most essential today, keeping in mind we had done a calculation and we found out that approximately about 16-17 lakh unit of LED bulbs are switch on annually and during the time of lockdown in order to utilize the spare time at home we decided to move our way towards being a local LED bulb manufacturer and gave the brand name as Batti”

“In our state Sikkim we have various power plants and projects which is a resource to us yet we are unaware of it and we are not able to utilize it fully yet because of that we still see houses in the villages use bulbs made of filament and those bulbs consume more electricity compared to LED bulbs and even problems like load setting, short-circuit also happens frequently and when we compare the filament bulb with the LED we can say that LED consumes less electricity and also gives brighter light” he mentioned

“Our prime objective is to replace the old Filament bulbs and replace it with LED bulbs so that wise and best use of electricity is done” he stated

Speaking on the service and quality of the bulbs he stated, “We are giving 2 years of warranty in every Batti LED bulbs and I would say it is efficient yet if there is any manufacturing defects or other defaults during the 2 years warranty period it will be easier for the buyers to get it replaced as our brand is local”

With the voice of vocal for local across the state with the centre as well as state government also supporting startups and entrepreneurship with campaigns like Make in India by the centre government and Chief Minister’s startup scheme by the state government which also comes with the subsidy it’s the youths and the unemployed who has to step up and grab the opportunity and take complete advantage out of it.