Tseteej Shiwakoty, local lad sets off as first Sikkimese finalist for Rubaru Mr. India 2021-22

Tseteej Shiwakoty, local lad sets off as first Sikkimese finalist for Rubaru Mr. India 2021-22

Young people have always wanted to enter the world of glamour and fashion, even if it isn't on a professional platform but sometimes in the simplest way, by expressing themselves through beauty and outfits. Sikkim has gone far in producing models and actors with several beauty pageants mushrooming across the state since the early 90s, more so in the 2010s. Sikkimese youth have accepted this with open arms, participating in these events with gusto.

In this regard, Tseteej Shiwakoty, a local lad from Gangtok is all set to represent Sikkim in the upcoming Rubaru Mr India 2021-22 having already won the first runner up title at Temi Tea Mr Sikkim Manhunt in 2019. 

Talking about his journey into modelling, Shiwakoty states, “I actually gave my first attempt in my fresher year but when I didn’t win, it hit me real hard to do better, become better. Fortunately, I got my platform in Temi Tea Mr Sikkim Manhunt 2019-20. Only after competing in this pageant I really did decide and see my future in this field.”

“For people seeing us from the outer world, all they see us doing is wearing good clothes and walking in the ramp, but believe me it’s much more than that.  Becoming a model is firstly about believing in yourself and knowing who you actually are. You need to constantly maintain your discipline, dedication and the games your own mind plays with you. It's about being mentally and physically strong and most importantly emotionally stable and in control”, he adds.

“Fitness is the most important factor for me that can influence my modelling career. Being fit and feeling fit can bring in a different set of confidence in you. In modelling, we try to inspire, educate and also an opportunity to show the best version of us to everyone and in this case if a person isn’t fit how will he/she be able to inspire and be a role model. “

On his preparation for Rubaru Mr India, Shiwakoty says, “I have been waiting for Rubaru for a year now due to the unfortunate lockdown. I was excited a year back, but now that I have waited an entire year, got to know Rubaru Organization better and how they work, I am presently far more than just excited. Me right now Rubaru feels like a Do or Die situation and for me to exceed and continue in this field I need to do well. So obviously it's a big deal for me. ”

Shiwakoty, urging the youth to explore the glamour world, says “Modelling career has been developing so rapidly in this past few years. Maybe it's because of social media influence or maybe people are getting more interested in this field. If you talk about Sikkim there are so many opportunities coming up and already here, For example, Mr Sikkim Manhunt and Mr Himalayan Manhunt (which will be coming soon), for people who really want to exceed in this field, nothing better than these platforms. All we need to do is confirm and set up our mind so we don’t give up easy during little Struggles  as struggling is there in  every field you take.”

“There is so much competition in this field due to various opportunity and fame being involved. For now, all I can say is nothing happens in a day or two, if you really want to be in this field and do well, you got to work and fight your way through it and also be ready for lots of sacrifices, and most importantly ego and pride can only hurt you in this field. So work hard, Be humble and down to earth, and let a bit of luck help you in, you might make it a long way ahead", states Shiwakoty.

"I would also really love to thank Sikkim Chronicle and Accelerator for helping me throughout the journey. I would also like to thank Mr. Pankaj Kharbanda for all his guidance throughout the year so I could do well at Rubaru Mr India. Last but not least, I really want to thank my parents for providing me with all and any support they could provide," he concludes.