The clash of ideologies between the former and the present Chief Ministers: The Ambedkar Jayanti speech

The clash of ideologies between the former and the present Chief Ministers: The Ambedkar Jayanti speech

The Chief minister of Sikkim  Prem singh Tamang during his address on April 14, 2021 Ambedkar jyanti stressing on the government employees office punctuality broke his silence he said “Many employees do not abide by the slated duty timing of 10 am to 4 pm. Our employees don’t reach office even till noon. They have nothing to lose as they get their monthly salary. It goes straight to their account with or without their work. Most hampered by their incompetence are the common people.”

“Whoever does not want to work from 10 am to 4:30 pm can take voluntary retirement and go away otherwise we will definitely give compulsory retirement. Yesterday I spoke with each secretary and I have directed them to ensure the office timings. Some grace time of 15-20 minutes can be given for duty reporting time of 10 am but after that, action must be taken against those coming late. If there is any favouritism shown, I will take action first against the departmental head,” said tamang

“Today is a national function, we are celebrating Ambedkar Jayanti but it is sad to see that many departmental heads are not present. Only few departmental heads are here. If an official does not respect a national day then the official would also not get respect from the society,”

Many people welcomed the speech delivered by Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang

“ whatever our chief minister has said is very true, and I personally felt it absolutely correct, they have to come to office and work sincerely because that their job and they get paid for that” one local person said

“I once had some work for making my unmarried certificate, it took me 5 days to get it signed by an concerned officer I had to go visit and daily and wait for hours” another local said

Meanwhile, Former Chief Minister and the SDF president Pawan Chamling condemns speech given by the Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang on Ambedkar Jayanti. He maintains that Chief Minster must refrain from abusing his constitutional post. Chief Minister Tamang openly talking about breaking laws to promote government employees and openly intimidating them were unfortunate. The state government must ensure punctuality and sincerity by inspiring and motivating not by threatening them. He demands apology from Sikkim Chief Minister for such undemocratic speech and unconstitutional language.

Chamling said “ First of all, let me note that Ambedkar Jayanti is a national festival where we celebrate the legacy of our constitution drafter. What happened in Sikkim on that auspicious day made a mockery of our constitution, which safeguards the lives of our people . The citizens of Sikkim received open threats and intimidation from the one who heads the state government. I felt ashamed as a Sikkimese citizen. What a disgrace to the nation, people and our national hero, the late Shri BR Ambedkar”


“The post of Chief Minister is a constitutional post. Anyone occupying that chair must rise above petty, undignified and inappropriate thinking, language and behaviour. I watched in horror as our Chief Minister, openly declared that he has promoted many bureaucrats by breaking laws. Has anyone understood the significance of such a public speech by the head of the state government? He is openly saying that he is above the law of the land. He is proudly declaring that he is bulldozing the laws of the land. What is the outside world thinking as they look at how our state administration is being run? In a civilized and democratically conscious society, any Chief Minister or public representative who would brag about breaking the law would be instantly asked to step down. If he has any moral values left in him, he must immediately step down. Does the SKM party not have a wiser and more responsible leader to lead the government? Is this really the best they can offer? How long will Sikkim be forced to go through such a trauma of shame, terror and circus at the highest level of administration?” he added

“Is this the Chief Minister of an elected government speaking or a despot issuing threats from his throne? I fully agree that as Chief Minister it is his responsibility to demand accountability from all government employees and ensure that the people’s work is done. I fully agree that all government employees have a primary duty to serve the people of Sikkim. Punctuality, dutifulness, commitment and hard work are essential components of their lives as government employees. But the Chief Minister has no right to terrorize and intimidate them by bragging about vigilance, other inquiry agencies, compulsory retirement, writing with pen and using 'other tactics', etc. This is making a mockery of democracy. This is blatantly savage. I seriously wonder if even in the stone age, were village heads so brutal and savage?”

“I demand an unconditional apology from him to all government employees and the people of Sikkim.” Said Chamling