SPYF expresses grievances at State Government’s negligence towards SSU

SPYF expresses grievances at State Government’s negligence towards SSU

Gangtok, July 11: The Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum (SPYF) on June 9, through their official social media page, released a press note expressing grievances over Sikkim State University’s (SSU) advertisement for admission to exclusively two departments, i.e. Nepali and Sanskrit.

The forum has said that due to the pandemic and the subsequent return of students back home, the State Government should have plans towards providing more courses and sufficient space to accommodate all the passed students of Class XII and undergraduates at SSU, this “lack of intent from the government’s side is being felt eloquently,” says the press note.

On March 2020 the Government Degree College (GDC), Geyzing, and Sikkim State University (SSU) had protested simultaneously for several causes. SSU called for better infrastructure, as they were using Nar Bahadur Bhandari Degree College’s premises as their campus, and for a permanent teaching faculty as well as staff like the Comptroller of Examination which the University lacked and for more courses besides Nepali and Sanskrit to be implemented.

While the Government had then promised the students that their demands would be met, SPYF assures that that demands haven’t been met as of yet, although that could be due to the ongoing pandemic.

The note also states that while the Sikkim State University Act was passed in 2003, it became operational only in 2018 showing the Government’s lack of interest and intent.

SPYF has demanded that the State government fulfil the previous demands that they had assured and introduce more courses from the coming session with sufficient funding and more infrastructure. Stressing that the University is an important asset to the State and can become the same in the future if the Government develops to make it the premier higher education institute of the state.

Also stating that if the State government has enough funds for building ‘pilgrimage’ (venues) and sanctioning 63 crores for this, it can do the same for SSU and students as well.

“With the sudden influx of the Sikkimese students, who had gone out of state in pursuit of higher education, now returning many will opt to study in the state.

If only Sikkim had the infrastructure and facilities provided, with many staying back the State government could focus on bettering conditions of the SSU and fulfilling the demands that the agitated students had put forth in March, which hasn’t been met with as it was assured during the dialogue between the concerned department and the students,” says Buddha Nath Sharma, member of the SPYF.

“SSU should start introducing new courses from the coming session since students have very little to no choice for post-graduation in Sikkim, with SSU we would be able to offer to serve in accommodating the extra students who will be willing to pursue higher education within the state.

But, this can only happen if the maximum possible effort is given to strengthen the university by the government. If the demands which time and again have to be reminded to the State government, we will have to take steps so that they will notice us, keeping in mind the present situation at hand” he added.