Sikkimese woman falls to death in Gurugram; Boyfriend booked under Abetment of Suicide

Sikkimese woman falls to death in Gurugram; Boyfriend booked under Abetment of Suicide

Gangtok, July 22: In a turn of shocking events apart from Sikkim’s ever surging coronavirus positive cases, on July 21, it came to light that a 26-year-old Sikkimese woman residing in Delhi’s DLF phase 3, had fallen to death from a five-story building on Sunday night.

The woman was a former crew member of an international airline and was living in Delhi with her older sister.

Her former partner, a 32-year-old ex-pilot, who was present with her at the time of her demise was booked for abetment of suicide after an FIR was lodged based on the sister of the departed’s statements.

The pair had met through work, when she was a crew member of the same airline he was employed as a pilot in and had been dating for around 3 years. Sharma however, was unemployed for a good 1 and half year contrary to what other leading media houses are claiming – it wasn’t due to the lockdown. 

Allegedly, the Sikkimese woman and her partner, Dazzle Thiksey Sharma,  were not on talking terms for almost four weeks before the incident. The woman, however, used to send emails to Sharma often, say close acquaintances because Sharma had blocked her on all social media sites.

While close acquaintances of the deceased woman have said that blocking each other on social networking sites was a frequent affair, whenever the couple fought they would block each other and later reconnect through emails. On Sunday, she received a reply from him after almost four weeks of silence, inviting her to a get together at a mutual friend’s place to which she agreed. 

The woman and her partner had gone to the get-together at 4 P.M. on Sunday at Bestech Parkview Spa Next Society, Sector 67, Delhi with four additional couples. It was during this party that she fell from the apartment’s fifth-floor balcony.

Soon, after she was rushed to Artemis Hospital where she was pronounced dead, Sharma called the woman’s sister around 10:25 P.M. on Sunday night and informed her of the incident. In the initial statements with the police, Sharma said that he and his partner had gone to the get-together and during this time the two had an argument following this, she had “one leg over the balcony when she allegedly slipped and fell from the balcony”. 

On Monday, the police registered an FIR under section 306 (abetment of suicide) of the Indian Penal Code against the former partner, based on the complaint filed by the woman’s sister who in her police statement initially called out foul play.

“She was blocked by him from all social media sites and hence resorting to email to reach out to him in hopes of getting back together after being ignored for almost a month. On Saturday, to our surprise, he sent an email inviting my sister for a get-together at his friend’s place,” says the sister.

She adds, “Even in online games when she tried reaching out to him he used to reply with abusive messages. On Sunday at 10:25 P.M. I received a call from her boyfriend asking me to come to the hospital saying that she had fallen from the building when I reached the hospital at around 11:30 P.M. When I saw my sister’s body there were bruises on the lower half of her body, her forehead and a cut on her lip, as well as Dazzle having scratch marks on his neck. It seems mysterious that he cut off contact with her for four weeks and the very day he contacted her is the day she passed away”.

While the family hasn’t publicized the post mortem results, which was conducted on Tuesday, the forensic expert who conducted the post mortem, Deepak Mathur has said that the body had more than 30 external injuries which include pelvic fractures, as well as internal bleeding with the cause of death being a head injury. 

Source: The Hindustan Times