Sikkim State High court sought an explanation concerning the covid facilities in the state

Sikkim State High court sought an explanation concerning the covid facilities in the state

In continuance of the previous order on covid 19, the State High court on 25.05.2021 sought an explanation concerning the covid facilities in the state.

Earlier the high court felt that the RT-PCT testing facilities should be made available to all the district hospital of the state, however to the this the state has submitted that they are going to establish one RT-PCR testing laboratory at Jorethang, South Sikkim whereby people of West and South Sikkim could avail the facilities. however, the court has also expressed its concern on the non-availability of the said facilities in the North district considering this monsoon where people may face difficulties in testing due to monsoon.

on the other hand, the High Court has also sought an explanation from the state on the steps taken by the state for setting up ICU facilities in district hospitals.

the court further observed that the state government should categorically put forth the policy decision taken by the state government in consensus with the central government for augmenting the pandemic situation in the state.

in furtherance to this the court further observed that a preliminary round to detect the covid is through testing via RT-PCR facilities and only thereafter steps for adequate treatment have to be made available with all infrastructure and medical facilities including the staff and further regarding the availability of covid facilities in the northern district hospital, the court directed that steps taken to that effect must be clarified by the State comparing to their Policy and the need, including its implementation.

so far issues regarding Oxygen supply and setting up of the Oxygen Generation Plant are concerned, the court observed that the clarity of the present need and augmenting the future need are not on record and thus directed to place on record through affidavit.

regarding the rising number of covid cases among the monks are concerned, the High court directed the state to apprise the Court about the steps taken to that effect and whether they have been contaminated due to their visit to perform the rituals of the Covid-19 patients or otherwise.

the court also has depreciated the practice of discriminatory vaccination by only vaccinating the people of east district for the age group of 18-45 years and thus directed that a  policy must be produced along with details of supply and availability of the vaccine in four Districts of Sikkim and produce a record on how many persons have been vaccinated by those centers with first or second dose along with their respective data to be made available for the perusal of the Court.

among these, the other issues that have been discussed include the repair of Electronic Cremation Machine and the number of deaths which are being taken place in the State

by Pramit Chettri