Sikkim Municipal Elections winning candidates list.

The results of 2021 Sikkim Municipal elections which was condeucted independently for the first time in the state.

Sikkim Municipal Elections winning candidates list.


Palzor Lepcha with 667 votes – 01 Bojoghari from 2nd Mile Ward.

Nell Bahadur Chettri with 1068 votes from 02 Burtuk Ward.

Kala Rai with 1179 votes from 03 Lower Sichey Ward.

Chungkela Lepcha with 1050 votes from 05 Chandmari Ward.

Pema Lhamu Lamtha with 856 votes from 06 Tathangchen Ward.

Tshering Palden Bhutia with 1434 votes from 07 Development Area Ward.

Bindhya Cintury with 1055 votes from 08 Diesel Power House Ward.

Karma Tempo Rapgyal from 09 Arithang-I Ward (UN)

Raju Tamang with 1187 votes from 10 Arithang-II Ward.

Ashok Kr. Prasad with 1041 votes from 11 Lower MG Marg – Lall Bazar Ward.

Sundeep Malu with 336 votes from 12 Upper MG Marg Ward.

Diki Lhamu Lepcha with 586 votes from 13 Tibet Road Ward.

Sabita Pradhan from 14 Deorali-Upper Syari Ward (UN)

Norbu Tamang with 576 votes from 15 Pani House Ward.

Milan Gautam with 1465 votes from 16 Daragaon-Lumsey Ward.

Chewang Thendup Lepcha with 659 votes from 17 Tadong Ward.

Rubina Gurung from 18 Lower Tadong – 6th Mile Ward (UN)

Asha Chettri with 1467 votes from 19 Ranipool Ward.


Yad Kri. Kami with 298 votes from 01 Pipal Dara Ward.

Mukesh Agarwal with 285 votes from 02 Daragaon Ward.

Bindhya Subba with 348 votes from 03 Mandir Line Ward.

Kishore Chettri with 160 votes from 04 Lall Bazar Ward.

Suresh Kr. Tamang with 415 votes from 05 Chisopani Ward.


Sanju Manger with 616 votes from 01 Majhitar Ward.

Radha Pradhan with 341 votes from 02 Mining Ward.

Sanjeev Kumar Khati with 474 votes from 03 Mandi Bazar Ward.

Pinku Kumar Prasad with 353 votes from 04 Rangpo Upper Bazar Ward.

Larishna Tamang from 05 Chanatar Ward (UN)

Mangan Nagar panchayat

Ugen Palzor Kazi  with 188 votes from  01-Upper Mangan Bazar,  

Norkit Lepcha from  02- Pentok (UN)

Premkit Lepcha, with  91 votes from 03- Power Colony

Hangu Lachenpa with  168 votes from  04- Rinzing Namgyal Marg,

Tshering Doma with 215 votes from 05- Lower Mangan Bazar.

Gyalshing Nagar Panchayat

Praveen Darjee with 94 votes from   02-Byadong

Laki Doma Bhutia with 208 votes from   03- Naya Bazar

Khina Maya Tewari with  284 votes from   04- Central Gyalshing

Devendra Prasad Sharma with  282 votes  from 05- New Gyalshing

Namchi nagar panchayat

Nima Choden Lepcha with  368 Votes from 01 Gangyap Ward

Sailendra Chettri with   468 Votes from 02 Dambudara Ward

Pema Norbu Bhutia with  350 Votes from  03 Upper Ghurpisey Ward

Sabitri Tamang with  384 Votes from  05 Upper Boomtar Ward

Naya-Bazar Jorethang Nagar Panchayat

Manjari Rai with 355 Votes from  02. Trikaleshwar

Pabitra Kumar Sharma with  626 Votes from  03. Daragaon Ward

Samten Moktan with 903 Votes from  04 Majhigaon Ward

Uma Sunar with  503 Votes from 05 Naya-Bazar Ward