Significant drop in India's active COVID-19 cases tally

Significant drop in India's active COVID-19 cases tally
Gangtok, November 3: A virus that surfaced from a small city in China took the whole world into its grip infecting more than a hundred countries, has now become a normal topic of conversation in many households. Although the virus has not been completely eradicated, in good news for this month, India's active COVID-19 cases have fallen below 5.5 lakhs, while the number of recoveries has crossed 76 lakhs, falling below 40 thousand per day. Likewise, in Sikkim, active cases are currently at 239, with 3573 recoveries. 
This decrease could be due to the countrywide testing, prompt and effective surveillance, quick hospitalization and effective adherence to the standard treatment protocol issued by the central government. Additionally, the effort of the doctors and medical staffs is a big contributor to the recovery rate.
In nationwide, a total of 58,323 cases has been discharged in a span of 24 hours. 
Among the states, Maharashtra has 1,19,352 active cases, the highest in India. Despite this, the daily rate of infection has fallen below 3700, the lowest in 146 days.
Despite many state governments giving people the liberty of movement, the numbers have decreased which could indicate that citizens are following COVID-19 protocols at an individual level. Wearing of masks, proper sanitization and washing of hands have become a basic three-step self-defence mechanism for all. 
Since Sikkim has resumed interstate movement, social gatherings, the opening of restaurants etc. it is imperative to follow the state's SOPs and maintain strong immunity and hygiene until this period becomes a part of history.