Police mercilessly beat up the terminated teachers during their sit-in protest at Tripura.

Within 11 months a total of 10,323 school teachers have lost their jobs in Tripura.

Police mercilessly beat up the terminated teachers during their sit-in protest at Tripura.

On 2014 Tripura High Court passed an order to terminate a total of 10,323 school teachers due to their faulty recruitment process. Afterwards the order was upheld by Supreme Court which said that the teachers could take retirement by December 31, 2017 but they were made to work till March 2020 on ad-hoc basis by the Government.

The teachers formed a joint forum of three separate organisations to protest in Agartala All Tripura Ad-hoc Teachers’ Association, Justice for 10323 and Amra 10323. The three organisations that started an indefinite sit-in from December 7, 2020 were All Tripura Ad-hoc Teachers Association, Justice for 10323 and Amra 10323.

The silent protest continued for 51 Days and on January 27 the sit-in silent protest turned violent when the state government apprehended law-and-order and imposed Section 144 for 24 hours. 

According to the local media Dipanker Deabbarma teacher who was in the sit-in protest said “We were given only five minutes by the police officials to clear the place. It is impossible for 10,000 people to evacuate the place in such a short span of time. As the time went by, the situation got tense and therefore, the police personnel brutally attacked us and we were beaten mercilessly.”

The police used tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and also lathi charged the teachers. During this violent turn of events the police detained over 200 teachers and more than 100 were injured.

Kamal Deb, teacher speaking with local media said “Many teachers were detained forcibly by the police and taken to Tripura State Rifles camps nearby. We are not criminals. Why did the government use force?”

The injured police personnel and teachers were admitted to the Agartala Medical College and Hospital and Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital Agartala.

The demand of the protest by the formers teachers was direct employment without any recruitment process. Dalia Das, teacher said in an interview “We met Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on 3 October asking for a permanent solution. He assured that he will give us a permanent solution in two months’ time.”

Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath during an interview said  that “The demand from teachers for direct employment is not possible. The High Court and Supreme Court have nullified their recruitment process as a Teacher and we have no scope for reappointing them as teacher.”

He also said that over 4,000 vacancies have been created in various departments with relaxation for the former teachers to appear. The teachers can appear for the exam along with the other unemployed youth for a government posting.