Mayalmu Shelter Home to get a Better place said Thukchuk lachungpa

Mayalmu Shelter Home to get a Better place said Thukchuk lachungpa

After the demolition of the temporary building given to Mayalmu by the government of Sikkim the president of the Mayalmu organization Thukchuk Lachungpa believes that the organization will get permanent and a better place.

The current temporary location has been allotted to a smart city project wherein the Multi-Level Car Parking structure is to be constructed following which the demolition of the building around is going on.

Mayalmu shelter home is a place where especially mentally challenged people are admitted and taken care of. The establishment of the mayalmu shelter home goes back to 2008 when Passang kit Lepcha started this initiative. At first, the shelter home was established at Syari, Deorali east Sikkim, but later it was shifted to 6th mile, Tadong, and many other places than to a governmental building provided by the state government for a term of one and half years, yet it was temporary.  The mayalmu shelter home currently holds 21 patients and about 10 plus staffs to look after them.

Thukchuk Lachungpa president of mayalmu shelter home said " Mayalmu shelter home is a place where most people with mental disabilities are kept and are taken care of by providing shelter food and medication"

"as now the government has come up with a bigger project at the current location but we are searching for a better place where they can roam around, do gardening, and other activities to keep the patients engaged and with the help of the government we will try to give better place and a friendly environment to live in and I can say that that will be the last shifting and a beautiful one"

Lachungpa also mentioned that there won't be major challenges in the shifting process of the shelter home.

Lachungpa stressing on mental health issues mentioned "there are various type of mental health issues, some are temporary and some are permanent, it's a fact the permanent ones cannot be treated but temporary can be treated, for instance, depression and anxiety it can be treated if the person is kept in a good environment and given healthy consultations"

"We should not segregate people suffering from mental health issues from the society or family rather we should take care of them"

"It has also been seen that some persons are abandoned from the family due to mental health issues whom we have given shelter in Mayalmu but when the person is treated and is completely fit than the family members come to take them home"