India-Israel's joint venture for rapid detection COVID-19 kits likely to roll out soon

India-Israel's joint venture for rapid detection COVID-19 kits likely to roll out soon
Photo Source: Deccan Herald

Gangtok, October 12: On August 10, it had come to light that India and Israel were collaborating in producing a new form of innovative tests for the detection of COVID-19 which could give results minutes of testing. This test was supposed to consist of two saliva tests and a breathalyzer tested which was then being evaluated in New Delhi’s four hospitals. It has just been reported that the above said rapid testing is now ready and could be rolled out in a ‘matter of days.’

Israel’s Ambassador Ron Malka has also said that Israel would want India to become the manufacturing centre of this rapid testing kit. Malka in an interview with PTI mentioned that the work on the rapid Covid-19 testing project is currently in a very advanced stage, adding, "I think it is a matter of days. What I hear from those involved in the process, it should not take more than 2-3 weeks to finalize that one reliable and accurate technology or a combination of more than one from amongst the four different technologies being analyzed.”

The rapid testing kit could give results of tests in less than a minute, and would only need for an individual to blow into a tube. The rapid testing kit would include a breathalyzer and a voice-based test for COVID-19 along with two technologies consisting of isothermal testing which enables identification of SARS-Cov-2, the virus responsible for COVID19, in a saliva sample and a test which uses poly-amino acids which seek to isolate proteins related to the virus. A large number of samples have already been collected by researchers of India-Israel and have already conducted trials and has already been successful in analyzing 25,00 samples in nine days.

Furthermore, Malka also said that the two countries would also collaborate for the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus with India taking a leading role in terms of production due to its "very strong relative advantage in manufacturing". In the event of India manufacturing a vaccine, Malka has said that he hopes that India will take Israel into consideration for the same.

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