HSP condemns the burning of an effigy of Bhaichung Bhutia

HSP condemns the burning of an effigy of Bhaichung Bhutia

Press Release

HSP strongly condemns the burning of an effigy of a Padma Shree /Arjuna Awardee Shri Bhaichung Bhutia, who is not only an icon of the State but a National icon. We will call it a Black Day in the history of Sikkim. Never in history has Sikkim witnessed such an unfortunate incident where the son of the soil - who brought in so much of name and fame for not only the state but for the entire nation - has been disrespected in his own motherland.

Shri Bhaichung had stated that the government must set its priorities right during the pandemic. The huge amount of funds for new construction projects should be diverted to alleviate crisis demands and focus on strengthening existing infrastructure. He had also suggested the government shift the project to another suitable place since it takes over the playground.

It is unbelievable and disheartening how a constructive suggestion for the welfare of people from an opposition leader and national figure was taken negatively by the people in the ruling government. Bringing forth the women folks of the party to protest was a cowardly act. They are putting the women as well as the general public’s life at risk. The concerned authorities grossly failed in their duties during a crisis.

HSP strongly demands the imposition of the President's rule in Sikkim keeping in view the situation of lawlessness at the peak of a health crisis. If we still let this activity prevail in the State, we will damage the image of the State and also put people’s lives in danger. Shri Bhaichung is a national figure and protecting him and his image is the state’s as well as the nation’s responsibility.

Dr Bina Basnett
HSP, President .