France given go-ahead for augmented soldiers, world might soon see indestructible armies

France given go-ahead for augmented soldiers, world might soon see indestructible armies
Photo Credit: CNN

What if science fiction was a segue of the present? What would the world look like if characters like Robocop, Cyborg or the Terminator were to traipse down our pathways? A report released on Tuesday said the French armed forces were given the green light for developing Augmented soldiers by a military ethics committee. It is an initiative by France to keep up with countries that were already trying to produce cyborg-like soldiers.

The proposals vied to pack “augmented soldiers” with improved “physical, perceptive, cognitive and psychological capacities,” and aims to allow for location tracking or connectivity with weapons systems and other soldiers.

A committee consisting of 18-ethical members and experts put forth the need to consider and respect the Humanitarian Law before taking a step towards creating the “augmented soldiers”. Researches that was put out by the committee include drugs to keep troops vigil for extended periods of time and fight off stress, including surgery to improve hearing.

The committee stated that France needs to preserve “operational superiority of its armed forces in a challenging strategic context,” as reported by CNN.

Still, it might be a while before the French soldiers mirror our reel life cyborg characters with superhuman capabilities and bodies that are mechanically enhanced.

Customisations like the ability to manage the use of force, affect their sense of humanity, or stop the soldiers from going back to civilian life are banned. The report portrayed a hypothesis where an example of a soldier’s arm got replaced by a prosthetic that doubled as a weapon. But it was not allowed as they would be unable to leave the armed forces.

“Invasive” augmentations such as implants are not currently part of military plans. But we have to be clear, not everyone has the same scruples as us and we have to prepare oversizes for such a future,” says French armed forces minister Florence Parly.

She further added, “It’s an opinion which isn’t set in stone and will be regularly reassessed in the light of future developments.”

The French report showed statements made by the US Director of National Intelligence John Raycliffe in the Wall Street Journal,  exposing China’s menace to the US and world democracy.

“China has even conducted human testing on members of the People’s Liberation Army hoping to develop soldiers with superhuman abilities. There are no ethical boundaries to Beijing’s profit of power,”  he said.

The building of soldiers with superhuman capabilities is daunting as well as innovative if you look at it in terms of technological innovations. A world of soldiers that can do unimaginable tasks is nothing but an exhibition of what the human mind can achieve. It is nothing but enhancing. On the other hand, the fear of dystopia lingers in the air. The next wave of androids and machine leaves us with looming dread where the possibility of technology taking control over humans exists.