Combat sports and its rising scope in Sikkim

Combat sports and its rising scope  in Sikkim

The rise in scope of combat scope can be seen largely in the state of Sikkim, with many individuals, associations and the state government contributing to it. Sports like Boxing, mix martial arts is at growing stage and can be witnessed by all. Personalities from this field like jaslal Pradhan, passang Sherpa are among many contributors who have contributed to this field.

Jaslal Pradhan an Olympian, a commonwealth bronze medalist and Asian gold medalist is one of the former boxers of Sikkim, he hails from Khamdong east Sikkim he also received Arjuna award in the year 1981 for his exceptional performance in the history of boxing and he is the current Vice president of northeastern zone boxing federation of india. he is also a retired captain in Indian army and retired joint director in sports and youth affairs department government of Sikkim.

Jaslal Pradhan interacting with Sikkim chronicle said “ while when it comes to promoting the sport at national or international level being one of the member in the executive body of the Indian boxing federation I can help in growth of the sport on the state, in regard to which we organize district and state championship every year in Sikkim and even we are planning to organize a north east zonal boxing championship in directions with the Indian boxing federation”

“ in Sikkim boxing is at growing stag, wherein we can see only countable numbers of aspirants since there is a mindset that boxing can physically hurt one but we should know that boxing is an art and by practice and patience the skill can be sharpened henceforth we can produce international level players from the state as well” he added

Passang Lepcha, a Sikkimese combat athlete won the 7th MMA Championship held at Delhi. Currently, he manages a gym at Gangtok and also trains around 80 kids under 14 years at his village. Due to the pandemic, only about 50 kids show up for practice but he ensures that those who attend the classes are given vigorous training.

“My journey was not an easy one, I had to face a lot of ups and downs, but I never gave up. I began my carrier as a Muay Thai fighter but finally ended up with Mix Martial Arts.

“MMA is a new and growing sport not only in Sikkim but as well as India and the scope of the sport is growing, so to promote MMA in our state, in the coming days we will organize a state-level tournament as well as a North East MMA championship", says Lepcha. “Kids are the future for tomorrow and by grooming them today they can achieve peaks in sports".

“Sikkim has a potential to give birth to combat fighter is one gets the right platform then he or she can bring medals to the state” he added

Megnath subba advisor for sports and youth affairs government of Sikkim said “ government is capable to support such sprots and will always extend needed support to uplift and promote combat sports in state”

The scope of the sport is at rise with many events lining up to promote the sport, the youths have started to participate in such events and as to promote sport events like National level MMA competition are also being organized in the coming days.