Yarlang, a student run magazine from Sikkim begins republication after 15 years

Yarlang, a student run magazine from Sikkim begins republication after 15 years

Magazines published by schools and colleges have underrated but great importance in local education, often reflecting the image of the institution through the articles presented by students and teachers. These magazines and newsletters are also a great way to encourage creativity in students which makes them effectively utilize language for conveying ideas. The true potential in writing among students can only be recognized through the work in magazines because there will not be much exposure in other ways.

These magazines are the most appropriate platform for students for exposure to the artistic potential among peer. One of the main advantages of college magazines is the fact that opinions about articles can be heard from the audience as most of them will be inside the college itself. The more intense and more in-depth the language and content the more interested will be the audience to know about the author of the article.

Similarly, setting an example to this field Sikkim Students Association Delhi SSAD body republished Yarlang student’s annual magazine which was closed for 15 years due to financial reasons. The magazine was first published in the year 1973 by the students of Sikkim studying in Delhi University, hence it’s the only the student's magazine published by the Sikkim students studying outside the state, the magazine consists of series of events organised by the SSAD and also creates a platform for students to publish their creative writings.

Rinchen Dolkar Nadikpa the President of SSAD said “Yarlang” which means “Rise and Shine” in Sikkimese, is designed to provide an opportunity to all the members of the association to express and promote their creative talents and original thinking. Yarlang comprises the series of activities organised by the Executives during their tenure and also the numerous representations made by the association for the state as a whole on various occasions in the capital city, New Delhi.  The magazine also showcases how far the association and its members have grown and been successful to reach greater heights.”

On March 8  2021, SSAD met HRDD Minister Kunga Nima Lepcha at his Office in Tashiling Secretariat and relaunched the Yarlang Magazine.

Nadikpa mentioning the reason behind the discontinuation of the Yarlang stated “There are several reasons for the magazine to have been launched after 15years, but the 2 main reasons are 1. the main reason is because of insufficient funding for a long period of time for the association to function smoothly and hold events for the students, as they say ‘A car needs a driver and a fuel to reach to its Destination 2. Also, that many students studying in Delhi were quite unaware of this Association and in our tenure and the ones before us, we all tried to promote the association and bring everyone together as a family, further making a variety of events possible and successful, which again led to vast content creation for an amazing magazine as Yarlang now is, presented before everyone.

Nadikpa stressing the importance of such magazine mentioned “Well as far as student magazine being important, Firstly, in context to Yarlang, it is going to promote our association to every nook and corner of the state which will make our brothers and sisters aware of the fact that there exists an Association which will guide & lead them. Also, the fact that such magazines provide a platform for young minds to express themselves freely, showcase their art, raise their queries, criticize and suggest solutions to any wrong policy by the administration/ government.

“It even provides them with a chance to build their image, be it through their striking articles of exquisite artwork. Some of us tend to be bad at writing/expressing in letters but good at reading and apprehending, therefore it develops good reading habit and understanding ability as well.  Thus, we urge all such associations to come up with magazines/newsletters etc so that young minds have enough chance and space to speak up," she added.