“Hospital not at a cost of a Football ground,” says former Indian football team captain

“Hospital not at a cost of a Football ground,” says former Indian football  team captain
image source: ScoopWhoop

The Veterinary playground of the Namchi South Sikkim to be converted as 300 bedded hospital. On June 5 the Chief Minister, Prem Singh Tamang Laid the foundation stone of the 300 bedded hospital.  

Prem Singh Tamang, Chief Minister addressing the media said that the hospital will be very important for the people from the south and west district of the state since after the completion of the hospital they would not have to travel to Gangtok for treatment as after the construction the hospital will have all the equipment to treat all sorts of medical emergencies.

Tamang further added “ the existing district hospital of Namchi was build in the year 1975, and for the south and west district the Namchi district hospital is one of the most important and due to its importance  up-gradation of  the hospital will  benefit two districts”

“ The project of the hospital costs  approximately 500 cr, in which all kinds of facilities will be available, and further in future we will bring all the needed equipment for testing at the hospital”

Furthermore, the Chief Minister mentioned that the hospital will be completed within 2 years of time.

After the foundation stone laying stone of the 300 bedded hospital at Namchi Veterinary playground, Bhaichung Bhutia, former Indian football captain showed his disappointment towards building a hospital at a cost of Playground, He stated “It is disappointing to learn of the  Govt of Sikkim's decision to construct a 300-bed hospital in Namchi at a cost of above Rs 500 Cr. HCM Mr Golay  said that he has already released Rs 80 Cr so far for the same.”

“First of all, this hospital is being built on the only playground available in Namchi at the moment. It would have been better if it had been shifted to Karfectar near Jorethang, where the Govt. has sold the land for a cancer hospital.  This location suits people from both South and West Sikkim.”

Furthermore, he also stated that “During this pandemic, the Govt should have focused on upgrading all existing hospitals and PHCs with the right infrastructure, equipment and trained manpower to fight covid on a war footing instead of building a new hospital.”

Bhutia in addition said to use the sanctioned amount of Rs 80 Cr for procuring vaccines for the people of Sikkim

Bhutia appealed to the government to stop the construction, he mentioned “I would request the Govt. to kindly stop the construction and start when the pandemic is over. The focus right now must be on manpower and the up-gradation of existing hospitals,  including PHCs. And importantly, They must shift the project from the only playground available in Namchi. ‘

Bhutia showing his disappointment towards the SKM led government mentioned  “we all fought for good parivartan and the people voted for parivartan but what is actually taking place in Sikkim has completely been disappointing so far. Percentages and commissions can wait but peoples' lives and livelihoods are at stake here so let us hope the Govt. gets its priorities right.”