97 Delta variant Covid-19 cases reported in Sikkim

97 Delta variant of Covid19 found in Sikkim. According to various research The Delta variant is more severe with high transmission rate compared to other variants of the Covid-19

97 Delta variant Covid-19 cases reported in Sikkim

On June 23, 98 random samples of covid19 positive patients from Sikkim were sent for genome testing  at National Institute of Viralogoy at Kalyani, West Bengal, out of which 97 samples were found to confirmed Delta variant. 

Dr MK Sharma, Health Minister informed that the confirmation of the 97 delta variant cases was sent through email yesterday morning.
Dr sharma during the presser informed that this variant of the corona virus is severe and the level of transmission is high compared to other variants of the Covid19 virus.
" The delta variant is severe and infective  compared to other variants,  its our appeal to the citizens to follow covid19 appropriate behaviour strictly" Dr Sharma added. 

Dr Sharma also stressed that the surge in covid19 cases in Sikkim can also be due to spread of Delta variant " The COVID-19 positivity rate in Sikkim has been at 18.6% in July so far,we can now conclude that the positivity rate hasn’t gone down because of the spread of Delta Variant in Sikkim. The COVID19 fatality is at 0.59 which is not so worrisome right now,”  added Health minister

Furthermore Dr sharma informed that the health department will  follow up on samples of patients who have already recovered, which would help the department trace and understand Covid positivity in certain areas and communities of sikkim for the containment of the Delta variant in the state.

Dr Pemba T. Bhutia, DG cum Secretary, Health department informed, " The pace of testing will be boosted, we will be doing more testing in coming days especially in the rural areas of the state and hotspots,so that we can contain the Delta varient"

"Mobile RAT testing lab has also been approved and will start soon" added the statement